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The Scoop - Week 2 - Bosse & Castle

In keeping with this years show theme of "Paparazzi", welcome to "The Scoop"! A weekly rundown of everything you need to know for the week concerning our Mighty Marching Panthers. Here you will find information for the weeks fundraisers, meetings, practice times/changes, volunteer needs, and any other important information that students and parents will need for the week! Consider this your "one stop shop" for all the important news!  If you have anything that needs to be added to the next weeks edition, feel free to email me the details at: so that I can be sure it gets added to next weeks Scoop!

CONGRATS to ALL the staff, parents, and students this past weekend at the Central Invitational! Our Mighty Marching Panthers took BEST PERCUSSION, and tied for 1ST PLACE, in class AAAAA!


Contest Lineups & Itinerary

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Weekly Schedule from Mr. Grimm

Today - Monday, Sept. 9thRehearsal @ Barker: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PMFan Hat orders due
Tuesday, Sept. 10thRehearsal @ Barker: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday, Sept 11thGiveback Night @ Azzip Pizza (Mention Reitz Instrumental Music.
Thursday, Sept. 12thRehearsal @ Barker: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday, Sept. 14thBosse InvitationalCastle Invitational 


Notes from Snack Crew

  • Anyone donating food should bring it to either the beginning or end of practice on Thursday. Scott and/or Lily Cassel will be there to receive said donations.


  • Lunch WILL be provided in between Saturday's competitions at Reitz. Encompass Health is providing Jason's Deli with chips and pickles. We will have ice water as well.


  • REMEMBER: Snack crew is in need of donations EACH WEEK for the students before and after contest. See the "Volunteer & Donation Needs" section to donate!


  • Snack Crew is in need of a volunteer to help them take the trash bags at the end of contests to the dumpsters to speed up clean up and departure.

Notes From the Treasurer

All marching band and color guard fee balances are now past due and should be paid immediately or get in contact with Annie Harris to make payment arrangements. You may email her at: 

You can pay all band and guard fees online on this website by going to "pay fees" under the parents menu or by clicking here: PAY FEES

Notes From Our Prop Crew

  • Good job Saturday! We know there are a few logistics to fix for next week. We were on in a little over 3 minutes and off even faster (forgot to time coming off).


  • We are in need of helping hands to set up the stage at the Barker lot at 5:30 on practice days. We need someone with construction skills to permanently fix the semi trailer hole on the upper level.


  • Tuesday after practice, Cliff plans to repaint the red ramps with more grit for traction - if a couple people could stay, it should only take 30 minutes at the most.

Volunteer & Donation Needs & Sign-Ups

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