1. Login to the students program account using the following School Code: ReitzHSBand
  2. This will bring up the main "public" page. This will allow you to look at "publicly available resources" along with a few other options.
  3. The First time you go here enter your child's ID NUMBER (first initial and last name OR student ID# from school) into the STUDENT AREA PASSWORD field. You will be directed to the "change password screen", to set up a personal password different from the ID, for future use. You may also be directed to create both a unique Username and Password for the student. There are also mechanisms to recover/reset lost usernames and passwords. When you create your new password, create a password hint as well.
  4. Whenever you enter using the username and password, another more detailed screen appears, with various button options for you to access areas in the Charms account. What appears here is partially up to the Director.
  5. You can help the director maintain his records:
    1. Update Personal Infortmation - If the director has allowed it, you may help make changes to your child's student information page (such as updating phone numbers, cell carriers, and email addresses if they change) to help them communicate with you more effectively. You may also be able to indicate which parent volunteer/resource groups you would like to participate in, if this feature is activated.
    2. Click "Update Info" to save any changes.
  6. You may also see links to enter "Practice Logs", and use the "Recording Studio" if the director has enabled these options.
  7. Most importantly, the parent page assists both you and the director to communicate with each other.
  8. You can also download the Charms App to your smartphone - Search your app store for "Charms Parent/Student Portal" (or "Charms Blue").
  9. Questions about finances please email the treasurer at: or text Annie Harris at: 812-568-9691